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Akinobu Kishi

Poem about the Wind


   20-22.09.2019 Derby, UK

Zürich, Switzerland

 06.09.2020 Montpellier, France

     I had been introduced to Shiatsu some years ago whilst practicing Wadō-ryū (a Japanese Martial art), but had never had Shiatsu therapy.  So when I was made aware of Gen Therapy whilst staying with friends, I keenly booked a session.  What an experience…

My first treatment involved Gen working on my on tight muscles (typical of someone spending hours sat at a desk or behind the wheel! By stretching, rotation of joints, and ‘rocking - my body was left feeling truly ‘worked’, but in a good way.  (I now know that this was also a session when Gen assessed my ‘whole being’.

I had two further treatments with him before we left the area and both were very different and amazing experiences. 

Following these treatments, I noticed some subtle and also some significant changes in my well-being. 

Before treatment, I had suffered on and off for years (decades in fact) with a lower back problem and ‘water-work’ problems (urine & bladder infections, cystitis and kidney stones).  Interestingly, I did not even tell him about my lower back problem, but what is amazing is that I have had no symptoms since my treatments almost 3 years ago. 

If you think shiatsu it’s simply a type of massage, think again, or better still have a session (or many!) with him, because this/his amazing treatment is for your mind, body, and soul.  If I lived within traveling distance, I would make treatment sessions with him part of my routine life.


Anne Harrison





                       I met Gen through the recommendation of a dear friend. As a classical singer traveling a lot, my body (my instrument) needs regular maintenance. Therefore I have been treated by many therapists around the globe during the years. Meeting Gen is an outstanding experience; his approach to human nature with all its facets and different layers makes his treatment absolutely unique and allows healing deep within.

Dear Gen your touch touched me so deeply in my heart and in every cell of my body. You made a miracle happen today.

Thank you from deep within!



Maya Boog





         Gen is a Genie fairy with a beautiful spirit. He did 4 sessions with me and I'm deeply grateful for the gift I received in my body for all dimensions.I will find loving ways to anchor those sessions to my different bodies, mind, and soul.

Thank you Gen.

Binoy Milton D'souz


Creator of Love Movement Evolution |

Producer of Spirit of Intimacy festival




        Of course, I didn't meet Gen accidentally. He came at the right moment when my body and mind were in need of was no option as it is not the holistic approach. Gen breaths holistic, in a beautiful way, where energies, masculine, feminine, and the divine are honored. Before Gen did anything he already knew what was going on. I am very impressed by his combining of intuition, knowledge, and gentle way of healing. For me ‘regular’ health care help. Itself feels like a healing and spiritual journey. To the root and treatments, Gen will go and build up from there. His capacity core of helping & healing is pure and an integer. Always asking and checking in between treatments how I am. I could not expect to go to these depths of healing. My digestion is better, I know now what to do, my cycles regulate and I feel enormous energy and joy again, only after 4 treatments. Looking forward for the journey ahead.
Thank you Gen, so deeply, wishing more souls to experience this healing. 

A warm hug and love for you.

Jeanette Tromp






            If I could have given myself the kind of advice that I can today at the start of my treatment with Gen it would be to really let go, to trust, and to try not to think during treatment. I originally met Gen through recommendation due to a back problem which he successfully treated using acupuncture in just one session.

Gen then offered his help for the anxiety and fear that I was experiencing, even though I hadn’t told him about it he could sense that this was the case. I have been a regular client for some time now, originally I felt it was a necessity but now I attend purely for the pleasure of what can only be described of an hour of absolute bliss, a journey into another state, the outcome of which is a beautiful calm that I feel at the end. It is difficult to explain what happens during my sessions with Gen using his unique Gen Therapy technique, there simply are no words available for the experiences that I have had with him. All I can try to explain is that they are truly amazing, I always leave feeling alive, safe, calm, and untouchable...




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