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                      Gen therapy has been very powerful for me. Gens work connected to and released traumatic pain I had been holding in my body from as young as being a baby. Much of the release for me happened in the session itself but continued after the session also. Gen's work opened the locks in the joints, muscles, skin, and organs where I had held grief and anger. I believe the depth of release has stopped me manifesting disease in the future. I’ve done a lot of work on myself, had a lot of therapy, and worked with a trauma release coach for several years, but Gens work connected me so deeply even in the first session, that I could see and feel clearly the pain and where I’d held it, and often what it was about. I believe my work with Gen has been so powerful because it’s about his hands, skill, and energy and my trust in my own body, openness, receptiveness, and understanding than my body and his hands and energy are working as a team with the same intention. To heal, to unblock, to allow flow again. The human body knows how to heal itself, for me it needed support to remove what’s blocking it doing it’s healing work, Gen therapy is a very important part of that process.

Kelly Hitchen


UK, London


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                       I met Gen through the recommendation of a dear friend. As a classical singer traveling a lot, my body (my instrument) needs regular maintenance. Therefore I have been treated by many therapists around the globe during the years. Meeting Gen is an outstanding experience; his approach to human nature with all its facets and different layers makes his treatment absolutely unique and allows healing deep within.

Dear Gen your touch touched me so deeply in my heart and in every cell of my body. You made a miracle happen today.

Thank you from deep within!



Maya Boog





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