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        Gen has developed his own powerful Gen therapy as Shiatsu and Seiki  practitioner, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist. Based on his over 25 years of professional experience, he’ll provide tailor-made individual treatments based on a previous assessment.
Gen has been involved with numerous Japanese and holistic therapies since 1989. These include Holistic Therapy,  Shiatsu, Seiki Soho, Acupuncture, Amatsu and Japanese Martial Arts.  At the moment Gen is practicing Contact Improvisation dance and Kundalini Yoga in Algarve.
Gen graduated with both a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy and in Philosophy and was the Co-Founder of an Academy of Philosophy.
Since 1997 he has extensively studied various forms of bodywork which include Shiatsu at the Europäische Ki-Akademie in Austria by Mr. Ryokyu Endo (founder of Tao Shiatsu) and was deeply interested in the Shiatsu method by Mr.Ted Saito (founder of Zen Shiatsu) from the Shiatsu Centre in Toronto, Canada.
Gen has a background in a variety of alternative medicines including Homeopathy, Acupuncture by Dr. Vall, Psychotherapy, Rehabilitation Gymnastics, Yoga, Qi Gong. From 2001 he also has an active interest in the Japanese martial arts and is an Instructor of Japanese Martial Arts, having passed the 4th Dan in Japan.
In 2000, Gen met Akinobu Kishi-Sensei at the Shiatsu Symposium in Berlin and started to study the Seiki Soho Therapy, thus improving his skills and focusing on the therapy of psychosomatic problems. This meeting changed a lot his in his life and generally ideas of methods of healing.  

Since 2000 Gen has been an active member of WPC (World Council of Psychotherapy, Austria) and had presented his own methods at the World Congress of Psychotherapy in Vienna (2002- 2003) and the World Shiatsu Congress in Vienna (2002). Since 2006 Gen is member of Federation of Holistic Therapists in UK. Following this Gen became the owner of the Center of Japanese Medicine in Prague and a founder of the Natural Healing Therapy method (NHT) for psychosomatic problems.
For the last 8 years prior to opening his private practice, Gen worked at and cooperated with several medical centers and international clinics in the Europe which included the International Medical Service, Institute of Health and Beauty clinic Monet in Prague and the Psychotherapy clinic in Nuremberg in Germany.

Between 2004 and 2011 Gen was working in Health and Beauty Centres in London Mayfair. During the 8 years of practicing in London, Gen’s therapy helped a huge amount of people, among his clients were some very famous people and well known celebrities.
Unexpectedly, at the end of 2011 Gen was involved in an accident which resulted in the loss of his ability to walk for 6 months and ability for work for a few years, and following the inconclusive diagnosis from medical experts he decided that he would devote his time and energy on trying to find his own way to heal himself and recover through his own self-taught methods.
During this difficult time in London, with the guidance of the Chinese Dr. Jing Ding he began to develop a deeper knowledge of acupuncture and thus was able to slowly heal himself of the neurological problem that other medical doctors seemed to be baffled by and unable to treat.
In 2012, as an effort to further heal himself, Gen took the step of moving from the madness of London to the coastal town of Dalyan which is famous for its beautiful weather, spiritual environment and stunning surroundings. Very slowly after a few hard yearts he began to improve. Gen continued to learn and improve, and as a result of his own problem solving and the experience of healing himself, he developed a very deep knowledge about neurological and psychosomatic problems.
Gen’s own recovery has given him a massive valuable insight and empathy as to how people feel when they are presenting themselves to him with their own illnesses. Following his own recovery, Gen now uses a method that he has created.
During his practice, Gen has had hundreds of successful treatments. He has also provided workshops and seminars for students all around Europe. At the moment Gen helping people and working at his own clinic in Algarve (Portugal).
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