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GenTherapy can be applied for various ailments, be they of neurological, psycho-somatic, structural or emotional nature or simply an energetic disbalance.Tracing and healing old trauma stored in the body as well as physical disalignments and neurological imbalances. The therapy by the very experienced therapist is based on many different healing disciplines.


Gen Therapy also is used as a psycho-therapeutical method. It promotes the clearing of the human spirit at the deepest levels of consciousness by creating an output, through which, the patient can release his build-up of burdening thoughts and emotions.

Gen Therapy doesn't use direct verbal dialogue between the patient and therapist. The art of the therapist is to fnd a condition of absolute rest and silence, in which he acts as a conductor of energy; body and mind resonating perfectly with the body and mind of the patient. This resonance is natural to all essences and processes; it is a harmonized ion of all space around us. When in contact with the patient, a "conversation" between the therapist and the patient takes place at

another level. The patient is brought into a condition of deep rest and feels himself part of the world; his breath assimilates with the breath of the Universe. This is the frst stage of Gen Therapy - being in concurrence with the rhythm of the Universe.

brings deep pleasure condition when the patient feels that everything around him calms down, everything feels rooted in its position, safe and secure; and all of this takes place within the body and mind of the patient. The external becomes internal. Such phase,This is followed by the second and rest. This phase designates the opening of a door to the internal Self. If the therapist gets into a state of pure resonance, i.e. without an impurity of personal emotions, judgments or conclusions, then the patient would get into contact with his or her "Self", which normally remains inaccessible.

If that happens, a kind of catharsis takes place, where the patient - like in a mirror - sees his major problems and unexpectedly comprehends them. This stage is usually experienced very intensively; reactions like crying or laughing or experiencing from forgotten fears etc. are characteristic of it. In the case of a physical problem, involuntary and spontaneous movements - from small and hardly noticeable movements up to huge "waves'' through the whole body, may occur in the blocked areas.

Then follows the third stage and it is characterized by freeing of blocked energy, irrespective of its location. In Shiatsu, this kind of energy is called "Jaki" and it is something that should leave the body. When the body is freed of "Jaki, the patient may feel pain or an uncomfortable feeling on a physical or a mental level, one could realize his or her complexes, dependencies and limitations. One could really say: "a load was taken off my mind".

The process is fnished by the fourth stage: a stage of absolute rest, when all blockings are removed and the patient is relieved from his physical and mental sufferings. The body SIMPLY BREATHES and enjoys bliss, the patient is in a condition which can be compared to the moment before falling asleep. Some patients really do fall asleep; some see various images from their present life and sometimes even see visions of life unfamiliar to them, and even of the unknown worlds.

This therapy gives the patient an opportunity to understand who you are. Observations over a longer period of time showed that some patients experienced dramatic changes in their life; people begin to be interested in the meaning of life and everything surrounding them. Many patients state that they lost their fears and their self-confdence increased. Their ability to relax grows. This experience also changes in their sexual life; they have the feeling of getting rid of their chains and overcoming barriers that had been limiting them. The people around notice the changes in the patient and become more interested.. All these changes allow the conclusion that the patient's perception reflects the changes within, and that the Gen Therapy makes one realize that and frees oneself of the limitations.



logo client 2.jpg