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                      Gen therapy has been very powerful for me. Gens work connected to and released traumatic pain I had been holding in my body from as young as being a baby. Much of the release for me happened in the session itself but continued after the session also. Gen's work opened the locks in the joints, muscles, skin, and organs where I had held grief and anger. I believe the depth of release has stopped me manifesting disease in the future. I’ve done a lot of work on myself, had a lot of therapy, and worked with a trauma release coach for several years, but Gens work connected me so deeply even in the first session, that I could see and feel clearly the pain and where I’d held it, and often what it was about. I believe my work with Gen has been so powerful because it’s about his hands, skill, and energy and my trust in my own body, openness, receptiveness, and understanding than my body and his hands and energy are working as a team with the same intention. To heal, to unblock, to allow flow again. The human body knows how to heal itself, for me it needed support to remove what’s blocking it doing it’s healing work, Gen therapy is a very important part of that process.

Kelly Hitchen
United Kingdom, London



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       I had been introduced to Shiatsu some years ago whilst practising Wadō-ryū (a Japanese martial art), but had never had Shiatsu therapy.  So when I was made aware of Gen Therapy whilst staying with friends, I keenly booked a session.  What an experience…
My first treatment involved Gen working on my on tight muscles (typical of someone spending hours sat at a desk or behind the wheel! By stretching, rotation of joints and ‘rocking - my body was left feeling truly ‘worked’, but in a good way.  (I now know that this was also a session when Gen assessed my ‘whole being’.
I had two further treatments with him before we left the area and both were very different and amazing experiences. 
Following these treatments, I noticed some subtle and also some significant changes in my well-being. 
Before treatment I had suffered on and off for years (decades in fact) with a lower back problem and ‘water-work’ problems (urine & bladder infections, cystitis and kidney stones).  Interestingly, I did not even tell him about my lower back problem, but what is amazing is that I have had no symptoms since my treatments almost 3 years ago. 
If you think shiatsu it’s simply a type of massage, think again, or better still have a session (or many!) with him, because this/his amazing treatment is for your mind, body and soul.  If I lived within travelling distance, I would make treatment sessions with him part of my routine life.
Anne Harrison
United Kingdom, Nottingham
Email: aitchnanne@btinternet.com

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Gen is a Genie fairy with a beautiful spirit.
He did 4 sessions with me and Im deeply grateful for the gift I received in my body for all dimensions.I will find loving ways to anchor those sessions to my different bodies, mind and soul.
Thank you Gen.
Binoy Milton D'souza
United Kingdom,  London

Creator of Love Movement Evolution | Producer of Spirit of Intimacy festival

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I met Gen through recommendation of a dear friend.
As a classical singer traveling a lot, my body (my instrument) needs
regular maintenance.
Therefore I have ben treated by many therapists around the globe during the years.
Meeting Gen is an outstanding experience; his approach to human nature with all its facets and different layers makes his treatment absolutely unique and allows healing deep within.
Dear Gen your touch touched me so deeply
in my heart and in every cell of my body.
You made a miracle happen today.
Thank you from deep within !
Maya Boog
Basel, Switzerland


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Of course i didn't met Gen accidentally.
He came at the right moment when my body and mind were in need for help.
Before Gen did anything he already knew what was going on. I am very impressed by his combining of intuition, knowledge and gentle way of healing. For me ‘regular’ health care was no option as it is not the holistic approach. Gen breaths holistic, in a beautiful way, where energies, masculine, feminine and the divine are honored.

Thetreatmentsitself feel like a healing and spiritual journey. To the root and core Gen will go and build up from there. His capacity of helping & healing are pure and integer. Always asking and checking in between treatments how i am. I could not expect to go to these depths of healing. My digestion is better, i know now what to do, my cycles regulate and i feel enormous energy and joy again, only after 4 treatments. Looking forward for the journey ahead.
Thank youGen
, so deeply, wishing more souls to experience this healing. 

A warm hug and love for you.

Jeanette Tromp


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    Gen has been treating my slipped disc (L5) for a year with Shiatsu and Acupuncture.  I came to him with severe pain and numbness. We have made slow but steady progress avoiding the need for an operation, which is fantastic. We now are working on maintenance and prevention.
He is so calm, knowledgeable and positive which gave me confidence that we could fix this problem, and 'yes we have!'.
Thank you Gen for helping me so much !
United Kingdom, London

Email : helenkocaoz@gmail.com

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  If I could have given myself the kind of advice that I can today at the start of my treatment with Gen it would be to really let go, to trust and to try not to think during treatment.
I originally met Gen through recommendation due to a back problem which he successfully treated using acupuncture in just one session. Gen then offered his help for the anxiety and fear that I was experiencing, even though I hadn’t told him about it he could sense that this was the case.
I have been a regular client for some time now, originally I felt it was a necessity but now I attend purely for the pleasure of what can only be described of an hour of absolute bliss, a journey into another state, the outcome of which is a beautiful calm that I feel at the end.
It is difficult to explain what happens during my sessions with Gen using his unique Gen Therapy technique, there simply are no words available for the experiences that I have had with him. All I can try to explain is that they are truly amazing, I always leave feeling alive, safe, calm and untouchable.
I sometimes cry during my sessions, other times I laugh, although I have no real thoughts in my mind at the time, these are the emotions that come to the surface and I let them out.
I feel totally safe with Gen, he is a true professional and a gentleman. I have developed such trust in him and feel very lucky that his treatments have helped me to let go of my anxiety and fears. I am truly thankful for meeting Gen and for the peace, harmony and freedom that I now feel and I highly recommend this treatment.
One year later :                                 
I am really good, I feel that my life journey gets more and more spiritual as I start to understand more and more every day about this thing called life and living in the now, acceptance and letting go. It gives me freedom from fear and makes me a better and happier person with hopefully less of an ego. It's a never ending work and journey 😊😊
Just recently I was making meditation at the end of my yoga class and you were there, I visualised
your hands lightly touching my arm and my side, as you always did in our sessions and I immediately felt the same energy that I would feel with you, it was beautiful and it made me smile 😊

United Kingdom
Owner of Kilim Hotel


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REVIEWS from FB page: Japanese Art of Touch

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      Gen has amazing abilities and does right by combining everything in his approach that is truly unique, truly amazing and profoundly healing in every way. It was recommended to me by a friend to get in contact with Gen and I can only recommend him further - if you are thinking about having a treatment with him, do it!
Madeleine Maria Banck
Denmark, Copenhagen

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I had a treatment this week from Gen and this is my review and recommendation:
Gratitude. Gratitude for the most wonderful healing therapy. Strong, deep, you found the places I have always wanted to be found - on my shoulders, on my back, in my stomach. And my God! My neck, very safe in your hands, my neck flew round and round, moved like it hadn't done since I was a child .... My whole upper body was in a bliss after the therapy. I had no words. My eyes, closed for 20-30 minutes after the massage, when they eventually opened looked out in innocence like a new born. Really Wow, my friend, really Wow.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
John McAndrew
United Kindom


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     I had met Gen 3 years ago. At the time I had no physical pain and no obvious things I needed addressed, however I felt called to ask him for a treatment. It was one of the most beautiful experiences that I have had until that point in my life. During the treatment I connected to my essence and my body in a very profound way. The experience was pure bliss. Even though he was at the time based in Turkey and I in UK we stayed connected and continued to have periodic treatments with him through phone or Skype. The work with him added a divine dimension to my life that infused everything I do with love and ease. It helped me trusting more my pure essence of being and if until the point I met him my creations in my private and work life were infused with tension, during the work together I discovered a way of peace, ease and grace that permeated all areas of my life.
In 2016 after the passing of my father, although I was equipped with so many tools to navigate the turbulent ocean of loss, the work with Gen brought a blessed balance and eased the healing as if he supported me at the soul level to find a new way to be in the world after the world I knew changed forever.
He is a gentle pure soul truly in service with an integrity and ecology that never ceases to amaze.
He has an unique and effortless way to enable you to be at ease and open all you are like a flower to allow light to come in and heal.
I love him dearly and recommend him highly.
You don’t need to be in pain to give yourself the gift of relating to life in a higher way and letting the light come in.
Book a session with him and watch yourself blossom at all levels.
Thank you Gen for your guidance, the divine gift of your treatments and for being you.
I feel so honour to have met you, to know you, to work with you and to start calling myself your friend.

Much love and blessings 🙏💛🌈🤲❤️
Magdalena Baciu
United Kingdom, London


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Thank you Gen, feeling great after yesterday's treatment... a combination of dancing in the water and flying in the air... and at the same time so grounded that it was impossible to move from the floor... amazing work!!!
Thank you
Diana Jost 
Zurich, Switzerland

Yoga thecher and owner of :

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A few words here to express my full gratitude to Gen, for his 100% intuitive and efficient therapy.
With great respect, Gen tunes in deeply with one's inner rythm and vibration.
Each session is a wonderful journey into one's inner landscape.
More than a mere manual therapy, Gen's straightforward Touch reaches deep down into one's Soul and Heart, bringing a strong and reliable support to one's evolution, transformation and healing.
Last but not least : thanks to his background, Gen is able to read and comment an extensive medical test report.
For anyone involved into revealing her self-healing power, I can only recommend to visit Gen's.
Thank you Gen and full support from the Heart for your path here in Algarve.

Sonia Bruce
Paris, France

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