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        Seiki Soho is the name given by Akinobu Kishi to his style of work in the Shiatsu tradition. A.Kishi developed his approach, bringing into it the shamanic practices of Shinto and the Eastern philosophical view of what we are and what it means to be healthy.

The literal translation of Seiki: "Life movement". This therapy is based on the assumption that your body knows exactly what it needs and has a natural tendency to correct its own imbalances. is harmony.is: a universal and spiritual Path with the aim to develop one's personal life force and originality and to come into a natural

Gen worked with Kishi from 1999 to his death in 2012.


Gen’s work is influenced by him while also been involved with numerous Japanese and Holistic therapies since 1997. These include Holistic therapies, Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, Shiatsu, Seiki Soho, Acupuncture, Amatsu, and Japanese Martial Arts.


Seiki Soho Sessions with Gen can be applied for various ailments, be they of neurological, psycho-somatic, structural, or emotional nature or simply an energetic disbalance.

and neurological imbalances.  disalignmentsTracing and healing old trauma stored in the body as well as physical




logo client 2.jpg