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Exploration of KI - universal and infinite energy

Collaborative Lab where you can experience together with

Gen and Catherine Dompas universal KI through movement, resonance, polarity work, aligning with your source connection through spontaneous work and exercises that open, access, reinforce and store KI in all of your bodies: fluidity and access to all of your potentialities.

An exploration of KI through the body: exploring and getting into Kikai tanden, the centre of gravity and access universal energy, your personal energy field, as well as opening to other frequencies, connecting with your own source of Pure Love, this primal vibration and force that makes universe move and connect all humans and living beings on this planet.

This lab is open to all who wish to explore his/her ideeper and infinite resources and potentialities.

Gen (UK/Portugal) and Catherine Dompas (Belgium/France) will facilitate this collaborative platform uniting their own experiences working with KI and through their respective life experiences and evolution using the body.

Starting theme: Nature

Your participation, by bringing in your wishes and topics, onto this lab will modulate spontaneously the day, which will open up new fields of potentiality for all of us.

The lab will take place outdoors on the Lac du Salagou a magic place with deep primal Earth vibration 45 minutes of Montpelier.  Place Lac Du Salagou

Timing 6 September: 10h - 17h 9h 30 meeting point
parking La Roque (between Liausson and Salasc ):


We will walk together to the spot of the Lab 10h: start Lab

Participation by donation with a minimum required day:

min. 80 euros
morning: min 50 euros

Bring with you a picnic, drinks (there is a great well at Liausson, think about to take freshwater from there towel and swimming suit

(great swimming), your smiles ;-)

Enrolling and information:

email: catherine.dompas@gmail.com
tel.: +33 6 71 10 38 10

about the facilitators

Gen www.gtcare.co.uk/about-gen

Catherine Dompas www.suuu.fr/qui-suis-je

Gen and Catherine know each other from Seiki workshops and gatherings organized through Europe. This collaboration emerged through resonance and a mutual desire to explore KI and the movement of nature and the universe.




logo client 2.jpg